Giving and receiving feedback

Feedback — making it a positive experience for everyone 

Feedback is a valuable — and I would argue, essential — part of working life, but making it a positive experience for everyone takes practice.  

None of us can operate in a vacuum; feedback is the only way to discover how you are perceived by others. If we understand how others see us, we gain a vital perspective on our own performance, which can influence our learning and development and that of those around us. As I’ve previously mentioned, author Tasha Eurich’s book ‘Insight’ explains that seeking feedback is a more effective tool than self-reflection to gain insight into ourselves and improve our self-awareness. 

I’ve blogged before about the importance of organisations in developing a culture which supports positive, well-considered, regular and constructive feedback and how this can be a brilliant tool for the encouragement of an individual or team. Feedback can help identify strengths and areas of development, as well as skills and future areas of improvement.  Practical, targeted feedback can improve performance, raise awareness, build confidence and help career progression.  

Delivering feedback in a safe space that is timely, consistent and authentic creates ‘positive feedback loops’ between people, creating healthy, reciprocal relationships and opportunities for them to work towards improving and achieving.

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