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Having the courage to apply for a more senior role

What’s holding you back from applying for that promotion? Is it just about the courage to take the next step, to be out of your comfort zone in some areas of the role, or is there something else at play?

There’s an often-repeated statistic that women only apply for jobs if they meet 100% of the criteria, whereas men will apply if they meet only 60%. Research in 2014 investigating this claim could find no evidence for it, but it’s true that my female clients want to meet far more of the criteria before applying for a job – especially a promotion – than my male clients do.

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Practising failure – the key to bouncing back

Many people will tell you they don’t like to fail. They might even tell you that they don’t fail. But increasingly research is showing us that practising failure is a critical skill to help us succeed – and that’s as true in our careers as anywhere else. So is practising failure the key to bouncing back?

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What’s a career pivot and do you need to do one?

More people than ever are considering career pivots instead of just looking for the next linear step in their career. I’ve written before about agile career paths, and career pivots are one aspect of creating those.

After such a tumultuous and unpredictable year, many people are seriously reassessing their career options. Whether you’re at risk of redundancy, have discovered a new-found love of working from home that won’t be supported by your current employer in the long-term, or whether a period of furlough has given you chance for reflection, thinking of your career in ways other than it being a straight line is a must.

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Is your job search taking too long?

Once you’ve decided you want a new job it can feel like your enthusiasm for your current one has left the building and all you want to do is get started on a new role. With a job market currently stacked against the candidate, here’s how to stay resilient if your job search is taking too long.

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How to ace starting a new job while working remotely

Starting a new job is a bit weird when you can’t meet your colleagues as we’re all still working from home due to lockdown. And as the default setting might be working from home for some months to come, many more people will start new jobs having not met their team.

So how can you make sure you’re off to a flying start, despite the disadvantage of not being able to meet people in person? I spoke to two clients who faced just this situation to ask for their tips, plus an employer who has also had new team members start their jobs during lockdown. Here’s what they shared. Continue reading “How to ace starting a new job while working remotely”

Overcoming your fear of posting on LinkedIn

Let me make a small confession: I used to be scared about posting on LinkedIn. So I get it. You might not post because you’re worried about what people think, you might think what you have to say isn’t sufficiently “thought leadership”, or you might just not know where to start. Continue reading “Overcoming your fear of posting on LinkedIn”

Video interviews – my top tips for coping with the new job interview

We know the workforce won’t be rushing back to offices any time soon if it’s possible to work from home, but what impact will this have if you’re job hunting? The most obvious effect will be on the interview process, which is more than likely going to include a video interview. Continue reading “Video interviews – my top tips for coping with the new job interview”

How a career coach can help you take control after redundancy

With the current situation, many people are finding themselves at risk of redundancy – or with the option to choose it if that suits them. It can be a strange time, but a career coach can help you take control of your next step.

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How to support your teenager who isn’t sitting exams this summer

It’s been a strange few weeks as the world has apparently tilted on its axis and shaken up everything we thought we knew for certain. While adults all over the UK are adjusting to working from home, many of our teenagers are facing the prospect of months at home with their families without the revision they thought they had in front of them.

It’s an unprecedented situation to be facing, and as young people they can’t be expected to have all of the skills to deal with what has happened to them. So here’s my advice for how best to support your teen through this unexpected period of nothingness. Continue reading “How to support your teenager who isn’t sitting exams this summer”

Staying resilient in uncertain times – how to look after your career and yourself

For many of us it feels like the world has tilted on its axis this last few weeks. The routines and norms we previously took for granted have been thrown away and replaced by a blended world of home/work that all happens in the same place.

For others there might be no work at all, with little prospect of securing anything suitable soon. Many of us are worried about our own health, or the health of loved ones and neighbours. It’s a scary time, described by many as our generation’s war. Continue reading “Staying resilient in uncertain times – how to look after your career and yourself”

Maximise your career success during downtime

With a lot of people suddenly finding they have time on their hands – whether that’s because they’ve been furloughed as a result of the current coronavirus issue, or because their business has ground to a halt – it’s a good time to reflect on and take stock of your career. Continue reading “Maximise your career success during downtime”

Four signs you need the help of a career coach

If you’re wondering why on earth you would need someone else to help you make a change at work, here are four signs you need the support of a career coach.

Independent career coaches can provide a safe space for you to explore your work options even if you haven’t decided that you definitely want to make a change. We can help you feel more in control of your career and working life, and to make the right move (not just any move) if you do decide to look for a new job. Continue reading “Four signs you need the help of a career coach”