Into my second year as a member of the British Association of CV Writers – the benchmark in high-quality UK CV writing

I am delighted to renew my membership of the British Association of CV Writers for the second year.  

Writing CVs isn’t regulated in the UK, and this makes it hard for job seekers to identify good CV writers that will help them secure that all-important interview 

The joining process was rigorous and not simply a case of handing over my membership fee. I had to write a CV which was assessed to make sure I met the standards the association expects before I was accepted as a member.  

I enjoy being part of a community of professionals coming together to share best practice and learn from each other.  

Being a member also means I’m expected to uphold a code of ethics and deliver high standards of work, so potential clients get another safeguard that anything I do for them will be great quality. (Most of my work comes via word-of-mouth referral, so people usually have someone recommending me before they get in touch, but this extra layer of assurance can’t hurt.) 

I’m already a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, EMCC – the leading membership body for coaching and mentoring, and the Career Development Institute, but joining this professional body also means I get access to lots of personal development resources specifically around CV writing. I talk to my career coaching clients all the time about making sure you have an eye on personal development, however far into your career you are, so I’m excited to c continue my membership and I’m looking forward to accessing some of the new and different resources now available..  

If you want a chat about polishing up your CV ready for a new job search in 2024, get in touch by emailing me and we can arrange a free, no-obligation conversation.  

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