Returning to an organisation – is it ever a good idea?

The job market is incredibly buoyant right now, which gives candidates a great many options. But any change of job comes with the risk that you might not like something about the new role, organisation, or people you work with.  

A safer option might be to stick with what you know and go back to a company you previously worked for. But there will have been reasons that you left, so is returning to an organisation ever a good idea? 

I’ve written before about what to do when a new job doesn’t work out. Having had such high hopes for a new role, it can be difficult to manage the situation if it’s clear you’ve not made the right choice.   Continue reading “Returning to an organisation – is it ever a good idea?”

The benefits of being a mentor

In my last blog (link), we looked at the many benefits that being mentored can bring, from boosting your confidence to enhancing your knowledge and learning. But it’s not just the mentee who can reap the rewards; being a mentor can have positive effects on your own career, too.   Continue reading “The benefits of being a mentor”

The benefits of being mentored

Mentoring has come a long way since the traditional picture of a young upstart being schooled by an older executive. In the modern business world, the concept of mentoring has had to adapt and become more relevant to careers that do not follow a straight line trajectory; it’s a more fluid, less easily defined concept these days, but undoubtedly, when it works well, it can be exceptionally – and mutually – beneficial.  

Built on trust, respect and communication, mentoring is a supportive relationship between two individuals, exchanging and exploring ideas, discussing progress and setting goals for further development.  Continue reading “The benefits of being mentored”

Elevating your internal brand, externally – how to use LinkedIn to elevate your personal brand with colleagues and career stakeholders 

LinkedIn has become pretty well known as a great platform to stay in touch and network with professional contacts, build your reputation as a trusted expert, and raise your profile externally, not just when you’re looking for a new job 

But not many of us think about it in the context of elevating our personal brand amongst our colleagues. But with 60% of employees more likely to engage with posts from co-workers it’s something you should be thinking about to improve your profile and visibility amongst internal stakeholders, not just external  

Being active on LinkedIn gives an opportunity to get noticed and make sure your voice is heard with senior leaders, potentially advance your career and elevate your reputation, and be seen as an internal brand ambassador and employee advocate. 

Here are my tips for elevating your brand internally. 

Continue reading “Elevating your internal brand, externally – how to use LinkedIn to elevate your personal brand with colleagues and career stakeholders “