The 4 day working week – can it really work? 

The working week has started to look very different indeed. Increasingly, the traditional Monday to Friday commute to the office has been replaced by a variety of new set ups: homeworking, hybrid working, hot desking – the buzzword is ‘flexibility’. As younger generations enter the world of work, bringing with them new expectations, competition to secure the best people has meant that organisations who refuse to consider different approaches to working risk being left behind.  Continue reading “The 4 day working week – can it really work? ”

How to retain your talent through career coaching

If you, like many other businesses, you are struggling to retain your talent right now, then career coaching could be the answer. 

Why is it important to retain your people? 

According to news reports, job vacancies have hit a record high as employers continue to struggle to fill roles. In such a fast-changing job market, it’s no wonder organisations are focusing on why employee retention is important.    Continue reading “How to retain your talent through career coaching”