Using an interview to find out more about company culture

Many people consider an interview a one-way process. You’re there to be grilled by the organisation; your role is reactive. The onus is on you to show what you can do for the prospective new employer, how you might fit into their setup. In your preparation, you might think about questions the interviewer may ask you and draft some thoughts about your replies.  

But interviews can – and should – be more of a two-way deal. It’s not just about successfully returning answers to questions served at you across the metaphorical tennis net; an interview can also provide a golden opportunity to take control and discover more about the company’s culture – and whether it’s going to give you what you need.   Continue reading “Using an interview to find out more about company culture”

What to do when your new job doesn’t work out 

You’re excited to start your new job. You’ve done all your homework, asked all the right questions during interviews. Then the honeymoon period starts to wane as you get to grips with what the role actually entails. You start to realise the job just isn’t what you were expecting.  

There are a number of reasons this might happen. It could be the job itself – the type of work it involves day to day, maybe the commute is far worse than you imagined, or it might be a key relationship that just isn’t working.  

Continue reading “What to do when your new job doesn’t work out “