Maximise your career success during downtime

With a lot of people suddenly finding they have time on their hands – whether that’s because they’ve been furloughed as a result of the current coronavirus issue, or because their business has ground to a halt – it’s a good time to reflect on and take stock of your career. Continue reading “Maximise your career success during downtime”

Four signs you need the help of a career coach

If you’re wondering why on earth you would need someone else to help you make a change at work, here are four signs you need the support of a career coach.

Independent career coaches can provide a safe space for you to explore your work options even if you haven’t decided that you definitely want to make a change. We can help you feel more in control of your career and working life, and to make the right move (not just any move) if you do decide to look for a new job. Continue reading “Four signs you need the help of a career coach”