Your five-point checklist to get your career back on track after furlough

One of the many challenges of the past 12 months has been employment, with over 11.2m people placed on furlough at some point during the Covid-19 health crisis. As well as the very immediate financial challenges this has caused, for many there has been a much wider psychological impact with the prospect of getting back into work a daunting one. Continue reading “Your five-point checklist to get your career back on track after furlough”

Six ways to beat return-to-work demons

Having a career break – whether because of maternity leave, caring for someone, going travelling or ill-health – can result in a serious loss of confidence when you start to think about your return to work.

This feeling is the same regardless of whether you’re returning to the same place or starting somewhere new. You haven’t lost any of your skills, but perhaps they are a bit rusty, or (if you’ve had a long break) your industry has moved on and you feel like you’ve missed some of the more recent developments.

Maybe you want to start a whole new career, having had time to reflect on what you’d like to do. So how do you beat those self-doubt demons and ease yourself back into your return to work with confidence? Here are my top tips.

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