Using your network to find a graduate job

I’m a strong advocate of using every channel possible to find yourself a new job – agencies and job boards are the obvious two, but there’s also a hidden jobs market which you need to tap into. Your network can be a powerful way of finding out about jobs which wouldn’t otherwise have hit your radar.

But is this still the case for graduates, who by their nature don’t usually have a mature or extensive professional network? Well yes, absolutely. You might be surprised at the people you know who could help you uncover a role you might not otherwise have known about. Continue reading “Using your network to find a graduate job”

Starting your first graduate job in lockdown

With many graduates starting jobs during lockdown, the challenges posed by taking on your first role after university have been amplified by what feels like a thousand times.

While many experienced workers would be happy starting a new role because of their previous experience, graduates walking out of university have had to not only learn about their new role, but master a huge list of additional skills too – and mostly without actually seeing anyone face-to-face.

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