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Is auditioning the new interviewing?

Is auditioning the new interviewing?

A recent article in People Management gave an insight into TGI Fridays’ use of auditioning instead of the traditional interview as part of their hiring process. Not just front of house staff, but prospective bar tenders and kitchen staff were also put through their paces in a half-day session which included impersonating dishes off the menu, “selling” obscure objects to the judges and group exercises.

The closest the candidates came to a proper interview was a series of 60-second speed-dating-esque chats. So is auditioning better than interviewing? And how should you prepare if you’ve been invited to something similar?

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Five tips for researching your prospective employer

When it comes to progressing your career, finding the job you want online and clicking the ‘submit your CV’ link is the easy part. However, once this is done, or even before it’s done, smart candidates spend some time researching their prospective employer. Should their application get to the next stage, they are ready. This preparation time will pay off. Putting you in a stronger position to ask specific questions during the interview and selection process.

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Common mistakes people make on CVs

Even getting shortlisted for a job is like climbing a mountain in the current job market so it’s best to be sure your CV doesn’t get discounted for common mistakes. Here are some errors to avoid, drawn from my experience of both writing CVs and recruiting for positions across a wide range of sectors and levels of roles. Continue reading “Common mistakes people make on CVs”

Five bonkers interview questions that should never be asked again

Every candidate knows that preparing for interviews is critical to give yourself the best chance of getting the job. I can give you lots of advice about how best to do that based on your skills, experience and the job you’ve applied for, but what if the person who’s interviewing you decides to throw in a curved-ball question?

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5 tips to prepare for a interview when you’re not even job-hunting

The job market is tough and there will always be stiff competition for good jobs. If you’re not looking for a move at the moment, you might think that you’d be wasting your time spending any energy preparing for a future job interview, but you’d be wrong.

I’ve seen many strong candidates panic at the thought of a job interview just a few days away. They wonder how they’ll be able to prepare while still juggling their current job and family/home commitments.

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